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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we pay?2023-11-15T17:29:03+10:00

After you complete our booking form we will send you a booking confirmation email that has an invoice attached and a link where you can pay online. We require a 50% deposit, due a week after the date of booking and the remaining 50% is due a week prior to your event. If your event is booked 3 weeks or less before the event date your payment schedule will vary.

We currently accept EFT / Bank Transfer and Credit Card (AMEX, Mastercard or Visa). The M1 Group is a cashless business. If you would like to pay by cash you may do a cash deposit at the Commonwealth Bank!

How far in advance should I book?2023-11-15T17:26:29+10:00

How long is a piece of string? No seriously, we recommend booking as soon as you have your date confirmed! We have events every single Friday and Saturday, every week booked in! If you’re serious about booking, don’t delay! It’s never too early to book!

Can you hold a date for me?2022-09-13T22:50:58+10:00

Unfortunately due to the nature of our business we act on a first come first served basis. Your booking is only confirmed once you have filled out our booking form and paid your deposit.

What will my the staff member wear?2023-11-15T17:24:33+10:00

In most cases we will wear long black unless requested otherwise by the client.

Do you have Public Liability?2022-09-13T22:51:25+10:00

Yes! We have all the relevant insurances required by venues!

Does the DJ take requests?2022-09-13T22:51:45+10:00

You bet! Your DJ will take requests from guests unless you have instructed them otherwise. Although we carry more than 15,000 songs we might not always be able to cater to all requests, but we will do our best!

What music does the DJ have?2022-09-13T22:52:02+10:00

Our DJs carry more than 15,000 songs with them ranging from the newest bangers to the oldest classics.

Does the DJ carry a Microphone?2022-09-13T22:52:16+10:00

Yes, your DJ will carry a wired microphone with them for you to use. Wireless Microphones are available on request!

Can the DJ play a Happy Birthday song when we want to cut the cake?2022-09-13T22:52:29+10:00

Yes, your DJ can, however we do not recommend it. We’ve been to a lot of parties and when we play a ‘Happy Birthday’ song it can be a little bit awkward. We’d recommend someone get on the microphone and starting off the singing, everyone will join in – it’ll sound much more beautiful than if we played a song in the background! Trust us!

How long does the DJ need to setup?2022-09-13T22:53:10+10:00

Your DJ will arrive at your venue 30 – 60 minutes prior to your start time to allow ample time to setup. If the load in at your venue is difficult, the DJ will arrive earlier. It usually only takes us 15 minutes to fully setup although we allow extra time to ensure everything is running smoothly (it always is, but we always like to be on the safe side)!

Do I need to provide anything for the DJ?2022-09-13T22:53:28+10:00

Yes, we only require 2 things. A table to setup on and a powerpoint close by! Please have these ready before the DJ arrives.

Please have a table that is at minimum hip height and at least 1.2m wide x 50cm ready for when the DJ arrives. Standard trestle tables are perfect! The table needs to be able to hold approximately 30kg of equipment, please do not provide a glass table!

What happens if my event runs overtime?2023-11-15T17:23:08+10:00

Your DJ will play up until your booked end time and then cease playing music. If you are having fun and want to party longer,  we would love to continue our performance. You can purchase additional time directly off the DJ. All overtime is purchased on an hourly basis and the cost for overtime is $150 / hr.  Overtime must be payed via cash prior to the DJ continuing their performance.

In some cases our DJs are booked at more than one event on the same day and will be unable to continue playing! We will always be able to finish at your agreed end time tho!

How long does the DJ need to pack down?2022-09-13T22:54:04+10:00

Depending on the venue, your DJ will need a maximum of 30 minutes to pack down, although in most cases we are able to pack down in less than 10 minutes!

Can I supply my own music for the DJ to play?2022-09-13T22:54:18+10:00

Yes, you can supply your own music however we will need to receive it on a USB or digital download (Dropbox or Google Drive) prior to the event to test it on our equipment. We do not accept lists of music with more than 10 songs as this takes too long for us to organise.

Do you have back up equipment if required?2023-11-15T17:22:03+10:00

Yes, although our gear has never failed we have backup equipment of everything in case of any unforeseen circumstances!

Does the quoted DJ price include setup / pack down time?2022-09-13T22:54:54+10:00

The quoted price is for play time only. Setup and pack down is complementary (free)!

Does the DJ have an AUX / Can I plug my phone / computer in for a presentation?2022-09-13T22:55:09+10:00

Most of our DJs carry an AUX cable. If you need to plug anything into our sound system please let us know before the day of the event so we can ensure we have the right leads for you!

How many photos will the photographer take?2022-09-13T22:55:25+10:00

How long is a piece of string? This is totally dependant on the event. We don’t have a set amount of photos we take – we capture as many photos as the event requires! There are no limits!

Can I get an unwatermarked copy of the photos?2023-11-15T17:21:23+10:00

Yes! We give you all the photos unwatermarked in high resolution via a private online gallery!

Can you give me the photos on a USB?2023-11-15T17:20:51+10:00

Unfortunately we’ve phased out USB’s years ago and only offer private online galleries, which we think is far better than a USB. One link = unlimited copies and access. You can share the link with as many people as you like and they can each download all the photos. The gallery link is valid for 3 months from the event date.

We have a very large event, can we get more than one photographer?2022-09-13T22:56:42+10:00

Of course – we can send out as many photographers as needed! Let us know how many people you’re having and we’ll recommend how many photographers you would need!

Do you edit all of our photos?2023-11-15T17:19:21+10:00

Yes! Every single photo that you receive goes through colour and lighting correction!

How long will it take for us to receive our photos?2023-11-15T17:18:57+10:00

Editing can take anywhere from a few hours after your event to a few days, depending on our backlog and schedule. We advise our clients that photos take 3 days to be delivered, although in most cases it’s quicker!

What kind of equipment do Photographers use?2023-11-15T17:18:24+10:00

Every photographer is different but we mostly use Sony Professional Cameras.

Do we need to feed you?2023-11-15T17:17:32+10:00

A meal is required for bookings more than 4 hours in length

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